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Apocalyptic Expectations

The year 1999 was a time when I was heavily influenced by the prophecies contained in the major religions of the World. During this period I existed a lot of the time in a state of fervent expectation. I thought something dramatic would happen that year which would profoundly change the World and alter the course of history. I fully expected this great happening to be somehow fully relevant to my chosen course in life and the goal of explaining to the World that ‘Everyone is God’.

The previous year 1998 was an eventful one. I had been working as a musician playing my electric guitar in various diverse a far flung places. During this time and also afterwards as well I had several powerful mystical experiences accompanied by a series of vivid visions which I believe revealed to me something about the nature of God and the Universe. The most significant of these mystical experiences occurred towards the end of that year on the day of the Winter Solstice of 1998. This experience had been precipitated by a chance discovery of an ancient mystical symbol depicted in a book that contained my name ‘WAI’ in big bold letters. I had sat next to the open book in a public library and by an uncanny coincidence the book had been open on the very page containing the ancient icon. This synchronous happening had triggered the experience of being God or one with the Universe. When I returned to normal consciousness afterwards I life was filled with a renewed sense of purpose. I felt the hand of providence guiding me and making things happen around me in order to lead me to my destiny. I had had doubts about my life and what I was doing but after this experience I felt a strong sense of certainty in the correctness of what I was doing with my life. So I started out in the beginning of the year 1999 with a strong sense of mission and in a highly motivated state. I was making a lot of plans, my head was filled with thoughts about how I was going to communicate to the World the idea that everyone is God.

So things that year started off smoothly and productively. I was very focused on my goals and kept myself very busy working steadily throughout January and February. Then in late February something unplanned happened. Quite by chance in a cafe I met a young French woman named Stephanie. We had a brief and intense relationship, we seemed to have so much in common. It felt great, and gradually by stages as I got to know her better, I was falling in love with her. I don't know if I was yearning for a partner or a mother substitute but it didn't really matter. It soon dawned on me that I really wanted her. Then she dumped me. I'm still not sure what happened. I think perhaps my strong sense of purpose and the strength of my convictions, gave me an attractive presence; but my lack of a job, money or status in society worked against me. I really don't know. There were aspects to my character and physical appearance which would have been attractive to members of the opposite sex. However as people got to know me and discovered what I was really about, learned about my goals and beliefs then generally people I met would be horrified. The details of what my life probably gave most people the strong impression that I was totally insane.

So I spent most of 1999 feeling a little broken hearted. It felt quite bad and I had never experienced it so severely before. But despite this troubling pain or perhaps as a direct result of it, I managed to have probably the most creative year of my life. I remember suffering from an intense depression in the Spring of 1999 but then rebounding from it into a very motivated and productive mind set. I head wasn’t in a very happy state and I felt agitated and discontent a lot of the time. Out of this state of angst I was able to get a lot done.

My mind seemed to produce an unending stream of interesting and useful ideas concerning the brain and functioning of the human mind. Also my studies into the brain and mind started to connect with my investigations into mystical and spiritual matters. Increasingly I began to see deep and close relationships between the workings of the brain and the workings of the universe. In trying to understand the mind of man, I realized I was at the same time getting a glimpse into the mind of God. And also, while I was studying mystical concepts and ideas relating to God; I would constantly be finding correspondences between that and what I knew about the brain and mind.

Over the years I had formulated many ideas and concepts in order to understand and explain how the brain and mind worked. Now over the course of the Summer, all these ideas started to connect with the mystical visions that I had seen. Two separate worlds in my mind, the mystical and spiritual versus the world of Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence, started to converge and join seamlessly with each other. It was an awesome feeling to experience what seemed like a cosmic revelation unfolding in my mind. I had a tremendous feeling of destiny. It felt as if my life had been a process of integrating the myriad fractured pieces of some vast puzzle. I had been assembling the smaller pieces to make larger pieces, and then in turn assembling these pieces to make even larger ones and so on. Now it seemed that two very large and integrated pieces of the puzzle that I had pieced together over the years were coming together and interlocking perfectly. I believed I was seeing truths that had never before been apprehended. It felt good.

And so it was for several months. A lot of interesting ideas concerning the brain that had been floating around in my head for years, were really coming together. If before I was only really seeing the trees, now I was starting to see the whole forest. I made a lot of progress at this time in long term project of understanding how the brain and mind.

So a lot of my time at this point in my life was therefore taken up by intellectual pursuits. Apart from that, 1999 was the year that Millennial fever gripped me. I was already somebody with a keen interest in the prophecies for the end times contained in the world’s major religions. So I was expecting something dramatic to perhaps happen sometime this year or early in the next. This state of expectation was further heightened when I saw a series of documentaries about the prophet Nostradamus shown on Channel 4. Previously I was rather skeptical about the writings of Nostradamus, in the same way I don’t pay much attention to Horoscopes. I only considered prophesies contained in the scriptures of the worlds religions to be valid. However, as I watched and learned more about the life and predictions of Nostradamus, my mind changed. I recall, I was quite impressed by what seemed to me to be clear pre-vision of the place and circumstance of the assassinations of the Pope and also of J.F. Kennedy. As a result of this, when I learned about the famous or perhaps notorious Nostradamus prophecy for some great awakening in month seven of 1999, I believed something would happen in July of that year, something significant, life changing and perhaps even a little apocalyptic.

I remember how on the last day of July in 1999, after nothing had happened all that month, I devoted that whole day in search of a sign from the universe. I did something similar the previous year and something extraordinary did happen, so that taken together with the Nostradamus prediction this really put me into a keen state of expectation and hope. But all that day, absolutely nothing happened, nothing mystically significant and certainly nothing worth mentioning. I was definitely disappointed. So the exact date i.e. Month Seven of 1999 mentioned in the Nostradamus prophecy came and went without incident.

I returned my focus to my work, but my millennial fever returned a month or so later when there was a full Solar Eclipse in the August of that year. Again, I thought that this would be the trigger for some major event of far reaching effect on my life and the fate of the planet. But again, nothing happened. I saw the eclipse, but then life went on as usual, without any sort of noticeable spiritual transition in society at large or any sort of change at all. So I continued with my work.
September came and things slowed down a little. I had a very productive Summer but now my creative run was coming to an end. The ideas no longer flowed as fluidly and my energy levels became lower. However at this time, rather thankfully the troubling pain that I carried with me all throughout that year, in the back of my mind, as a result of my failure in love, eased. In retrospect I suspect now that perhaps this background angst that I carried with me all Summer, actually helped to fuel my work and creativity. So I took things a little more easier at this point and relaxed my pace a little. However, this state of relative tranquility was disturbed by a series of uncanny coincidences or what might be called synchronicities which led up to a strange mystical experience in an Evangelical Church.

One day I was walking along to the house of a friend I had known from school in Ipswich and who was, like myself, now living in London. We’d kept in contact and would see each other from time to time, on this occasion we were going to have some food together and catch up with each others news. When I came to the beginning of his street I noticed a large poster advertising something called the 'Alpha course'. According to the information on the poster it had something to do with Philosophy and Christianity. I must have taken note of the poster without really thinking much about it.

As I chatted with my friend over dinner We caught up on things and the conversation meandered towards discussing what the various people in our lives who were known to us both, were doing. At some point my friend mentioned that his brother had moved to London and was now working in a church in London. He said he had become involved in something called the Alpha course. I mentioned the poster I had seen on the end of his street. My friend then told me that the church where his brother was working was the headquarters of this Alpha course. As we talked on, he went on to describe where this church was located, in the Kensington/Knightsbridge area of London. It occurred to me that I knew this church well.

Quite by chance it happened to be the church that was located almost next door to where I first lived when I came to London. It was less than a minutes walking distance from the University Halls of Residence where lived during my first year in college. The church was the Holy Trinity Brompton in Knightsbridge. I had a nightly routine of visiting some nearby shops that opened 24 hours a day, in the early hours of the morning. On the return journey, weather permitting, I would sit in the church yard located around the Church, which was between where I lived and the shops. As I sat I would proceed to eat the snacks that I'd recently purchased and think about life and whatever was on my mind at the time.

All these connected coincidences, the large Poster advertising the Alpha course, then my friend’s brother happening to be involved with it and then also the headquarters of this Christian movement located in the church I used to live next door to. I sensed a strong feeling that through these Synchronicities I was being given a message by the Universe. So I had to find out what these coincidences meant. Soon after my friend and I both enrolled on the 'Alpha course' to see what it was all about.

The Alpha Course Experience

A few weeks later, I found myself queuing with my friend outside the church where we were about to find out what this Alpha course was all about. It was a pleasant Autumn evening in late September. The queue was very long, this Alpha course had obviously attracted some interest. I found the surroundings very familiar, just how I remembered it all those years ago. We were near the end of the queue and it moved quite slowly. It was a relief when one of the stewards allowed us to jump the queue and go right to the front. This was probably due to my friends brother working at the church. It added to the sense that I had been directed here by the Hand of Providence. I felt excited it seemed to me like a little adventure.

Inside the church was large and quite modern looking. We were provided with some dinner from the serving area and sat down to eat and chatted with some of the other attendees. I noticed that most of the people present were young adults in roughly the same age group as myself or perhaps slightly older. On talking to a few people I also got the impression that there were a disproportionate number of people from the commonwealth countries i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. I had already read somewhere that the process of secularization was a generation behind in the former colonies, so this made perfect sense to me. The people were very nice, decent, respectable and clean. Definitely the sort of people your Mother would like you to be friends with. All the while I was feeling a growing excitement and there was a strong sense that something important was going to happen. I also had this expectation in the back of my mind in the days leading up to this moment.

After the food everyone sat down in rows in front of a stage area in preparation to hear the sermon. There was some singing of hymns, which I found difficulty in joining in. The music accompanying the hymns was quite catchy in funny sort of way but the words to the music sounded cheesy and uncool, they were all about praising Jesus. I couldn’t relate to it at all. Then a strange feeling came over me, a sort of nausea combined with a sense of heightened attention. My heart was beating fast. I thought at the time perhaps it was the food not agreeing with my constitution. I started to sweat. It was warm and I could feel surges of adrenaline going through my body. When the singing stopped and the sermon started I started to relax a bit but still felt strange.

As the sermon progressed and I started to digest what the preacher was saying I started to feel agitated. I was a little incredulous at the things I heard, some of which to me was very obviously false. Here I heard with my own ears what I already knew some christians believed, that is the idea that all of the Bible was literally true. The Bible was being presented as the infallible word of God. Up until then, I’d always had the idea that this version of christianity was only really believed by simple Hill Billy people living in the more remote parts of America. But here I was seeing and hearing an obviously highly educated and well spoken person, talking the grossest nonsense about religion and Christianity. Also I got a strong sense of the intolerant nature of this Alpha course when the speaker talked about the invalidity of other religions. I distinctly recall the speaker saying in effect that a good alpha student should of course be tolerant of other peoples religious beliefs while at the same time recognizing that they’re wrong. So I switched off a little and went into my own thoughts. I reflected on the whole situation and realized that even though I felt a liking for the people around me, at the same time I also felt a sense of detachment.

The sermon ended and there was more singing. By now I really felt an aversion to the substance of the sermon and what the Alpha course was all about. As the music and mass of singing voices flowed and swirled around me I could feel my perception and state of mind change markedly. I slipped into something of a borderline mystical state and everything around me became transformed.

Things started to look strangely cartoony almost 2 dimensional. The people around me seemed to take on something of a slightly doll like appearance. Time seemed to slow down and the singing became unintelligible as if everyone was now singing in some exotic foreign European language. I felt a terrific surge of adrenaline and my heart was beating fast. I felt dizzy and disorientated but tried not to let it show. But soon a relative calmness set in and I could think more clearly.

Then I went further into an altered state of consciousness and had a vision where my whole perception of the church and my immeditate surroundings changed. The church became like an ark or some ship coursing through the ocean deep. I no longer felt that I was in Knightsbridge, London, where the church was located.

Then I felt a strong presence of evil outside this church or ark where I now was. It was as if all the troubles, suffering and evils of this universe were located immediately outside the church but were being restrained and kept out by the walls of this sanctuary. I imagined that perhaps a host of demons and monsters were lurking outside this protective bubble called the church, seeking to demolish and devour. I could totally sense the prescence of what I imagined. I gazed at the people around me and outwardly they seemed happy and quite contented. But then I saw everybody around me in a completely new light. I saw deep inside them and felt their inner pain, their sadness and their fear. I felt a deep love and compassion for them.

These feelings of affinity and empathy were not very common place during that point of my life, which was lived almost completely detached from the life and the world of most people. But in this instance I felt a total oneness with the people around me. We were all together in this ocean of darkness trying to reach some place of light and security. We were all in this ship trying to find its way to the safe shores but I also knew that this particular ship had lost its course. It protected people from evil and promised salvation but had no idea about what salvation was. It didn’t know how to steer towards the light. It was hopelessly lost at sea, all the while believing that it knew the true path. Then I thought how ironic it all was. The lost sheep were convinced that they knew the way home, and also that only they knew and nobody else. After a while I came to and things seemed more normal again. However I remained in a highly charged state and this might have made me seem a bit strange to some of the people I later interacted with. My head was racing with thoughts and images.

The whole experience was a flood tide of an intense mix of emotions. It lasted perhaps 10 minutes or so. When I came to I became a bit distant and was a little disorientated. For the rest of the time in the church my behavior probably seemed strange to the people I interacted with. The evening came to a close and I proceed to walk a while with my friend. Together we cut across Hyde park which was close by. I said goodbye to my friend at Marble Arch tube station and then feeling energetic I decided to walk the mile or so to Primrose hill in order to have a think. My head was buzzing with thoughts about religion.

The Awakening on Primrose Hill

While I gazed out over London on the top of Primrose hill I reflecting on the events of that evening. I felt I had got new insights into the meaning and importance of religion. I felt a certain distaste for the variety of religion I had just encountered earlier. It seemed very different from religion as I understood it. I didn’t have a label for it at the time but after a little further investigation, I discovered that what the Alpha course represented is religious fundamentalism. It was the anti-thesis of what I was about and what I represented.

I reflected on my life and came to some realizations. I realized that at some point in the future, my ideas would come into conflict with those of the Religious Fundamentalists of this world. The same kind that I had encountered earlier who insisted that every word of the Bible was absolutely true and that it should be taken quite literally. I felt a sense of trembling when I considered what I was up against. I felt my life being steered towards the world of mainstream religion. I first started to see that my duty and purpose was ultimately bound up with the world of established religion. This was something new to me.

Up till then, even though I already had it in my mind that the purpose of my life was to communicate my ideas about the divine and the mystical revelations I had experienced. However up to that point I had it in mind that I would be talking about this things to people much like myself. I had imagined that my future audience would be the young and open minded, Neo Pagans , New Age types, the Psychedelic crowd and assorted Liberal Intelligentsia. The kind of people who were interested in questions concerning God, existence, mind, consciousness and the meaning of life. But now I felt I was being directed by the universe to prepare myself to communicate my message to the mainstream and the sort of people who would get involved in Organized Religion and Cults. I didn’t feel up to the task. This world of Organized Religion, Sects and Cults was a scene that I had long considered corrupted and spiritually bankrupt. There seemed to me a total incompatibility between what I was doing and what existing religion was all about. How can you possibly communicate to a Fundamentalist Christian or Muslim say, that he or she is God? I felt it was an impossible goal, and didn’t feel up to the task. I felt a certain level of fear and trepidation.

Then I thought about the meaning of the strange coincidence relating to the location of the church from where I had just come. It seemed to me a little uncanny that this church should be located right next door to the university where I studied and which was my first home in London. It felt highly significant because the university where I studied also happened to be one of the densest concentrations of Scientific and Technological research in the UK. This physical juxtaposition between on the one hand, a World respected centre of Scientific research and on the other the central headquarters of what might be called the Fundamentalist led Christian revival in the United Kingdom made me think about the relationship between science and religion. I thought about the kind of people I met at Imperial College, it was full of Atheist Scientists and Technologists. What would these sorts of people think about what I was doing and what I believed. They would have certainly considered me totally insane or perhaps merely deluded. How would you go about explaining to these sorts of people that their real identity is God? Wouldn’t it be just a hopeless as trying to do the same with a Religious Fundamentalist?

Then a strange sensation came over me, a sort of afterglow of my earlier state of mind. I was standing at the top of Primrose rose hill looking over London.The city now seemed to have a sort of aura around it which wasn’t there a little earlier. My visual perception was slightly altered again but not to the extent of the way it was earlier in the evening. Then my mind became very lucid and in an instant it all became clear to me. I saw what a perfect set up reality was. The scales fell from my eyes and I saw how everything that had happened in my life had already been perfectly set up by something outside of myself. I had a strong sense that the things that were happening to me in my life were carefully scripted by a reasoning yet inscrutable Cosmic Intelligence.

I thought about the synchronity trail that had led me to this current moment stood on top of Primrose hill and the events earlier that day. I thought about the visit to the church, the funny coincidence that it was practically next door to where I used to live and where I studied. I thought about the friend’s brother who happened to find himself working there and the poster advertising the activities of the church that I saw at the end of the street where my friend lived. Then I reflected on the events of the previous year, all the circumstances that lead to the powerful mystical experiences that I had culminating in the seemingly chance discovery of the ancient mystical symbol that had my name written on it in big bold letters.

Then I thought about all the events and experiences over my entire life leading up to my current circumstances, the kind of person I was and the unusual goals I had set myself in life. I reflected on my obsession with the idea of working out how the brain worked and creating Artificial Intelligence that had mostly characterized my life from my late teens onward. I traced back the events and circumstances of my childhood that had

It seemed very clear to me that everything that had ever happened in my life had been totally preordained. It seemed as if everything was just too perfect to be down to chance or contingency. I directly apprehended how every little step and everything that had ever happened to me, all the minute details of my life had been meticulously planned and intricately put together in order to bring me exactly to what I was doing with my life.

My thoughts then wandered back further and I thought about my ancestral past and close associations that my ethnic group had with the process of revolution and reform in Chinese history. But then wasn’t this what I hoped to ultimately achieve, that is, a revolution in the realm of ideas and a reformation of peoples beliefs. I considered the way that I had come to be living in the UK. How my ancestors had fled to one of the Southern most points in China i.e. Hong Kong, most probably to escape from the Chinese Imperial Authorities. Which then just happened to be the place chosen by the 19th century British Imperials for their base in order to sell Opium to China. And then how how this detail of history, would many years later in the following century, lead to my family emigrating to the United Kingdom. Which then put me in a position to be living in London and speaking english, which for what I was doing was the perfect place to be and the perfect language to be working in. What an absolutely perfect set up I thought to myself.

I then further extended this line of thinking to everything that had happened on the planet even in the distant past and then right back to the beginning of time and the birth of the Universe. Then again, I comprehended just how intricately the cosmic plan was contrived. Everything was planned, everything that has ever happened or will happen in the Universe right down to the last detail. Right down to the last detail of the position of every single atom. Somtimes Providence reveals herself in an obvious way perhaps in the form of uncanny coincidences or synchronicities, but it went much further than that. Absolutely everything that occurs, has occurred or will occur does so through the hand of Providence. In my day to day life I had the normal assumption that I was the doer of my actions and the thinker of my thoughts. But I apprehended in a very powerful way, that I am not the thinker, it is the Universe that thinks through me and that I am not the mover, but rather it was the Universe that was moving.

I was in Borderline mystical state accompanied by an awesome feeling of destiny and an immense sense of fate. My life will be devoted to communicating to the whole World the ultimate truth that a person’s real identity is God. I saw clearly that my purpose and my mission was to make this idea that ‘Everyone is God’ understandable and perhaps even acceptable to everybody, Scientist and Spiritualist, Atheist and Agnostic, Secular Humanist and Religious Fundamentalist, Young and Old, Wise and Simple, everybody.

I saw a gigantic task ahead of me, a seemingly impossible mission ahead. But who was I to take this on? Who was I to believe that I could possibly succeed in this incredibly ambitious aim of taking the most inaccessible of truths and communicating it to the World. I was nowhere in this life, a poor isolated stranger and complete nobody. Someone with very little resources and few friends or connections. All I had in this world were my ideas and my dreams. All I owned were my notes, my books and my electric guitar. Surely I was deluding myself. Once again I felt discouraged and full of self doubt. I didn’t feel up to the task.

Then I further reflected on my situation in life and the circumstances earlier in the year surrounding how I got this point. I thought about the meaning of my life long obsession with trying to work out how the brain worked. That Summer I had a most creative period where my ideas had evolved rapidly and I had gained many new insights into how the brain worked. I started to see the big picture and started to have a strong intuition that I was on the right track. At the very least, I believed at that point that I was far ahead of anything that was happening in Academia and the big research institutions. What I would read about the latest brain theories being talked about in science magazines and academic research papers, I found primitive and limited. Though my own theory was incomplete it was starting to become very encompassing and powerful. Also to me it seemed I had an amazingly elegant and beautiful way of describing a lot of data about the brain in a unifying way.

Relating my thoughts about my brain theory to the earlier thoughts about the perfect set up that reality was I then saw clearly that likewise my work on the brain was similarly guided by providence. Then I extrapolated into the future and felt sure that my theory would turn out to be correct. This was because my entire interest in the brain and the all the work and study I had put in to work out how it all worked, had all been part of the Cosmic setup that had lead me towards and made it my purpose to communicate to the World that ‘Everyone is God’.

It seemed utterly clear to me that I could hope and even expect to achieve my ultimate aims. Like in the Star Wars movie I strongly felt that ‘The Force’ was with me. Providence will be my guide and my helper, for it seemed so obvious to me by then that she had always been.

All the pieces of my life were coming together. Everything that had happened in my life had lead me up to this point and also prepared me all along, for me to do what I had to do. And what I had to do was this. I would continue my work on the brain theory and inevitably I will complete it and produce something compelling perhaps even definitive. Then in the future this would give me the necessary platform and sanction in order to communicate the truth that ‘Everyone is God’. And why should it be any other way. I had already arrived at the conclusion that the mystery of God and the mystery of Consciousness were one and the same. Therefore who else will have more authority to tell the World what is the nature of Consciousness than the person who also explains to the World how the brain works. So therefore in so doing I’ll also be explaining the nature of God. Once again it seemed so perfect. So set up.

Then I felt a surge of energy flowing through me and I became gripped by a feeling of determination and resolve. My life had seemed like a random muddle. My teenage ambition of trying to work out how the brain worked had taken my life on a strange trajectory. I had led an extremely turbulent and chaotic life which led me to becoming some sort of semi-crazed modern day mystic. However at that moment, things no longer seemed so random but rather completely ordered. Things had been completely set up to create somebody whose aim it was to try to explain the notion that a person’s real identity is God. I also saw very clearly that the theory of the brain that I had spent the better part of my life working on was also part of this set up. My Scientific and Technological aims in life regarding the brain theory and the creation of Artificial Intelligence, would be the stepping stone which would enable me to complete the bigger goal of explaining to the World that Everyone is God.

My perspective had completely shifted. What had seemed an impossible and futile task, now seemed completely achievable, indeed inevitable. I thought now that the current Atheistic and Materialistic ideas associated with Science were mere passing fads. A temporary aberration from the true state of being. And the nonsensical beliefs of the Religious Fundamentalist were mere comfort mechanisms, Opium for the people as it were, that would surely be replaced by something far better. Something that is the original truth at the heart of Religion and something that is completely compatible with Science and Reason.

A little earlier on I was considering how futile it would be to try to communicate the truth that ‘everyone is God’ to most normal people and in particular very religious people or those who were very scientifically minded. But now it seemed to me that what I was wanting to convey was exactly what they needed to know.

Once again I was standing on Primrose hill London gazing out over the city. Only now my wider outlook had completely changed. The separate pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that made up who I was had come together. I was fully awakened to what I had to do in the World and with this life. I had fully woken up to my purpose and who I was.

The rest of that year after borderline mystical episode at the top of Primrose hill was quite inspired by all the plans and thoughts that were in head. My work progressed steadily. There was now a definite sense of mission if before there were a cluster of partially defined and loosely connected goals. Now all the seperate strands of my life had merged. The time I spent studying the brain and thinking about how it worked became directly relevant to the spiritual side of things. And the time I spent reading religious scripture, meditating and contemplating the sacred became bound up with the scientific and technological side of my life.

Earlier that year I had been gripped by Millenial fever. Because of the year i.e. 1999, I strongly entertained for a while the possibility that something earth shattering was going to happen. So at various stages in that year I would find myself in a state of anticipation and expectation. But nothing happened. The famous Nostradamus prediction didn’t come to pass and the Solar Eclipse of that year was pretty unremarkable. After this, my attitude towards the Prophecies changed. The prophecies were not something to wait for and passively witness the unfolding of. Instead if I truly believed that I was God, which to me was the only certainty that a person could ever have, then surely I should take a more proactive view of things. In the same way that God was not something that was to be found outside of myself then by the same token, the Prophecies were not something that would unfold purely through some outside supernatural agency. I started to develop the viewpoint that humans becoming agents actively involved in the unfolding of the prophecies and helping to bring them about went hand in hand with the idea that Everyone is God. That as God we indeed create our own realities and should therefore take it upon ourselves to change the World.

As a manifestation of the one God in a human body with a finite lifespan and limited physical powers, I knew couldn’t influence the motions of the planets or alter the positions of the stars. However if Providence allowed and fate intended ,or put another way, if the Force was with me; then I should certainly be able to figure out how the brain worked, create Artificial Intelligence and explain to the World the Mystery of Consciousness which is also the Nature of God.

By the time it came to the end of the year I had no prophetic expectations for anything to happen on the last day of the year when 1999 would become the year 2000. Having a background in computer science I did think that perhaps there may be some sort of catastrophic technological software failure as some commentators had predicted. The so called Y2K bug that was supposed to bring down a lot of computing infrastructure at the stroke of midnight in the first moments of 2001. But even that didn’t happen. But of course nothing Apocalyptic happened, why should it? The outcome and unfolding of the prophecies is something that we create, not something that just happens. I still firmly believed that the Prophecies are Now. That is, the Prophecies of the Worlds major religions are talking about presents times and the current state of the World. I felt incredibly fortunate to be living at such a critical and momentus juncture in world history and the destiny of the human race. As the year 1999 unfolded I gained for myself a much better understanding of what my exact role was in this World. All I wanted in life was to be a part of the process whereby the proper unfolding of the Prophecies and a happy outcome to the problems of this World, would be realized. I was so very happy to be living in ‘interesting times’.



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