Everyone is God
The Prophecies are Now
The Nature of Reality
Psychedelia past and present
'Everyone is God' is the truth behind all World Religion
The unification of World Religion
Science and Religion
The Problems of the World today
Prophecies from around the World
Artificial Intelligence
Fractal Brain Theory

Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of photographs, relating to my life and also from some public speaking appearances where I have presented the sort of ideas found on this website. Click on the pictures to get an enlargement and also more information.

Swedenborg Hall


Columbia Hotel Lancaster Gate Bayswater

Columbia Hotel


Conway Hall Festival of Life 2008 Talk about 2012 and Everyone is God

Festival of Life 2008


Kensington Town Hall


Steiner School


Hyde Park - Speakers Corner

Hyde Park



Dragon Hall


Talk given at Middlesex University 10th November 2008 Archway Campus Furnival Building

Middlesex University


Conway Hall


Green angels

Speakers Corner

Talk given in Dragonfly cafe raw food and organic store November 12th 2008 Highgate London

Dragonfly Cafe

Green angels





Conway Hall


Kensington Town Hall

Kensington Town Hall


Quaker Center


Byron Bay


Swiss Hillside








My brain


Early life


Fly Agaric


Lotus Flower


Church yard




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