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You're clearly delusional..

On November 19th 2007 an anonymous sender from an unknown location wrote:

You are clearly delusional due to your past drug taking and deviant lifestyle. You've lost the plot and over the years rebuilt your own explanation of a reality to encompass and explain the sense of loss and seperation from reality or sanity you experienced.

Think about it..


I replied:

Hello anonymous sender

Thanks for your email.

Yes psychoactive drugs allow people to explore the extremes of subjectivity for better or for worse. And psychedelic drugs can sometimes give people fresh ways to look at things. Though I don't recommend their prolonged use they can act as an initiation into new ways of being. My advice in this area would be to grab the jewels and then get out. Alan Watts put it nicely, 'When you get the message hang up the phone'.

Indeed one mans delusion is another mans truth that's just the way it goes. Sometimes our existing structures of belief need to be eliminated or at least suspended, in order that better and more consistent ones may but put into place or first entertained.

Existing paradigms and incontrovertible assumptions sometimes turn out to be completely wrong and so the consideration of seemingly delusional ideas can actually be the best way forward in our quest to understand the true nature of things.

In the past people who believed that the World was round not flat or that the Earth revolved around the Sun, were too considered delusional. In the Soviet Union dissidents who believed in personal liberty and free speech were regarded as psychiatric cases. Think about it...

Looking back on things now I guess what I experienced was not as you put it a, 'separation from reality', it was more a reconnection with the truly real i.e. God. I also discovered that what mainstream society calls sanity is really a state of lower consciousness lrather ike a sleep or dream state. It is only in the conscious state of being God that I am fully awake and alive.

Also on a more practical level, the experiences that I've had and the insights that I've gained, have definitely made me more effective and motivated in the temporal plane. I guess you might call it a more philosophical view of things which has really energized my life. Spiritual conversion in it's various shapes and forms can be a very positive thing. As Jesus said 'The truth will set you free'. I agree. The truth also gives people courage which has made the process of public speaking and promotion of these rather heretical ideas smoother. This is in contrast to people such as yourself who hide behind the cover of anonymity in order to make challenging remarks, afraid that their views might be challenged in turn. Think about that too..

Anyway, may you one day come to accept that there are alternative ways to look at things which might not agree with your own vews or personal experience and which may well be equally or even more valid.

Love & Light


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