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Latest work done

2/8/11 - Upgrade and augment the Vision of Abraxas page with Demian bits and furthur synchronicities. Update Bibliography

16/6/11 - Shifted Latest Work done from Index to its own page

31/4/10 - Update the 2012 article with a couple of diagrams and change index page photos

15/4/10 - Upload completely reworked Mythology section, written for the book, and upload completely reworked, re-arranged and massively augmented Biography with 10 chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

24/2/10 - Update Bibliography

15/2/10 - Update Lotus Eaters section

6/1/10 - Update the Abraxas section

5/1/10 - Update The Strange Lady with the Strange Book, Sychronicity trial section

11/9/09 - Fix mistakes in and finish Problems of this World Today section

23/9/09 - Upload a completely reworked and massively extended Science and Religion section created for the book

20/9/09 - Upload massively extended Problems of this World Today section, with much new writing and fancy Illustrator vector diagrams

19/9/09 - Update Psychedelia section, add Cosmic Battle between Good and Evil section, from Mythology chapter of book

17/9/09 - Change index page look, added Future Outcome of the Prophecies and America's worst nightmare, past few days writes

15/9/09 - Resize entire Website making it Wider, easier than I thought it would be

10/7/09 - Update the Live Events section

4/3/09 - Include new Prophecies section and various updates

4/1/09 - Update Infrequenly asked questions section

7/12/08 - Finish the 2012 and various matters relating article

2/12/08 - Start the 2012 and Final Theory of the Brain article

23/11/08 - Update Photo Gallery with photo of latest talks

15/9/08 - Make changes to Template, and update IAQ section

21/7/08 - Change template pictures, more IAQ and upload more proof reading corrections

15/7/08 - Update the Infrequently asked questions section & upload more proof reading corrections

9/7/08 - Update the Infrequently asked questions section

4/7/08 - Add new selection of Prophecies section

3/7/08 - Finish the Problems of this World section

30/6/08 - Start work on the 'The Ultimate Solution to the Problems of this World' section

29/6/08 - Update strange lady with strange book section and recommence work on problems of this World section.

24/6/08 - Update Bibliography with recently read books

27/10/07 - Recently extend IAQ and update Video sections

11/10/07 - Update recent talks photos

19-20/7/07 - Enter ALT text for all images and diagrams

12/7/07 - Start IAQ or Infrequently asked questions section

20/6/07 - Create and Upload first Adobe Illustrator diagram

8/5/07 - Extend video section much and upload

6/5/07 - Finish adding the new sub headings

4/5/07 - Start adding sub headings to all sections

19/04/07 - Start Problems of the World section

11/04/07 - Upload much proof reading corrections

28/01/07 - Upload Video section

18-19/1/07 - Start working on Video for website

12/1/07 - Finish Mythology section

26/12/06 - Start Mythology section

27/10/06 - Improved server side contact box added

02/10/06 - Proof reading corrections & general editing

19/09/06 - Much proof reading corrections and bug fixes.

10/09/06 - Update site, corrections, add photos from talk

31/09/06 - Add Google analytics. Almost done 'Unification of all knowledge' section

26/08/06 - Start work on 'Unification of all Knowledge' and also 'Sects, Cults and the New age' sections.

25/08/06 - Finish 'Nature of reality section'

14/08/06 - Do much fixing proof read mistakes

09/08/06 - Do much general editing, spell checking, tidying

30/07/06 - Update index page with recent photos

30/06/06 - Update 'Live events' section & general editing

24/06/06 - Update 'Live events' section

19/03/06 - Finish the 'We are God in World religion' section

15/03/06 - Make a proper start on the 'We are God is the truth behind all World religion' section.

11/03/06 - Finish 'Return to normal reality' section.

06/03/06 - Start 'Return to normal reality' section

20/02/06 - Finish 'Road of excess & the Palace' section.

16/02/06 - Finish 'Unification of World Religion' section'

30/1/06 - Finish 'Early intimation of the divine'.

30/1/06 - Get back to work on the site. start 'Early intimations of the divine' and various bits and pieces.

22/8/05 - Finish 'Prophesies are Now' page.

10/8/05 - Finish 'Everyone is God' page.

2/8/05 - Finish 'Psychedelia past and present' page.

27/7/05 - Finish 'The Messiah is within' page. Smarten up main template and correct errors

26/7/05 - Add Bibliography

24/7/05 - Add image rollovers and hyperlinks to the row of pictures in the main template

17/7/05 - Incorporate a whole load of scanned in photographs and images into website

16/7/05 - Revise and complete the 'About us' section

14/7/05 - Add more entries to the FAQ section

12/7/05 - Change fonts from courier to verdana. Also change the look of the main banner at top of the site





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