Everyone is God & the Prophecies are Now
Ultimate Solution to the Problems of this World the Earth
Everyone is God
The Prophecies are Now
Reincarnation. The Universal Truth about Eternal life
The Messiah is within
The Nature of Reality
Psychedelia past and present
'Everyone is God' is the truth behind all World Religion
The unification of World Religion
Science and Religion
The Problems of the World today
Prophecies from around the World
Artificial Intelligence
Fractal Brain Theory

Photo Biography



Photo of Myself, my Mother and my Brother Wai Fai taken in the backyard of our house in Clacton on Sea. Circa 1972

A very early photograph of me taken in the back garden of our house in Clacton on Sea, circa 1972 when I was about 2 or 3. Also pictured are my Mother and Brother Wai Fai. My family had recently emigrated from Hong Kong and only been in the UK perhaps a year or so.

The truth that is at the esoteric heart of all World Religion and the truth that is the means to World Peace and harmony between the Great Religions of this planet. The truth that is also the key to the unification of Religion with Science and Philosophy. The truth that unravels the great mystery of 'What is the Nature of Consciousness?'. The truth that is behind the mysteries of Alchemy, The Holy Grail, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Mythology, Eternal Life, Transcendence and the Nature of Existence. The censored truth that is the irrepressible truth. It has what always been historically the unbelievable truth that has today become the inescapable truth. The idea that a person's real and ultimate identity is God.

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